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Success Stories - Authors Marketing Pro (AMP)
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Success Stories

Betty Davis' Success Story

Betty Davis

"I first contacted Mike Monaco about the Author’s Marketing Pro (AMP) marketing program for authors . At first I was dubious thinking it was like all the rest just taking my money and not giving any results. I found out that this is not the case. Mike and the AMP team wants each author to be successful and they go out of their way to personally help you. AMP has done wonders for me and my children's adventure series and can for you too. AMP carefully researches where each genre would be a good match and which cities and bookstores would be most successful. I love this program and I know you will too." - Betty Davis

Wilma F.'s Success Story

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"This is an unbelievable amount of value for only $30 a month. I am published and prior to using your service, spent upwards of 10K on a bunch of marketing stuff but still didn't have an idea of where I can sell my books, who would buy them and how to even get to them. I have done the usual SEO, social media marketing, developing my website, and I had only sold 8 books. After using your system, I am shipping 50 of my books that were requested by two institutions that I would have never thought of in a million years!" - Wilma F.

Cherrye Vasquez's Success Story‏

Cherrye Vasquez

"The sales are just now taking off after I revised the marketing flyers using what you sent me.
I had not received a royalty report in months, but received one the other day; the only thing I have to attribute this to is AMP, as I had no sales in months." - Cherrye Vasquez