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Authors Marketing Pro (AMP) One Touch FAQs
Book Marketing for Authors


How does MCS and Authors Marketing Pro locate my ideal target audience?

The process is based on genre of your book, storyline, and character interaction, along with income and education levels of your target audience. After filtering millions of data points it selects the cities that contain a high volume of your target audience. The higher the volume of your target audience the more opportunity for success. Google does not filter and analyze your specific target audience, or provide you with tips on how to get your books into their hands. In fact, no one does. If you tried to find someone to do this service, it would cost $10,000 which is what we used to charge before automation.

Once I sign up for Authors Marketing Pro and receive a list of ideal cities and book stores, what should I do next?

Research the ideal book stores on the list, and then research the cities. Look for ideal places to market, advertise, promote, and sell your books. There are all kinds of possibilities for you to reach those cities. We will offer search tips once in our system that will lead you to alternate ideas other than bookstores on where to sell your books.

What is the most proven way to reach my target audience based on the list of cities provided by Authors Marketing Pro?

Authors that use a Book Kit have the best chance to succeed. For detailed information on what goes into a Book Kit, click on this link:http://www.upauthors.com/author-book-kit/.

Can you provide me with a detailed, step-by-step marketing plan to use as a guideline?

Yes, download our FREE eBook that is filled with marketing advice, tips on selling books, and a 12 month marketing campaign with specific steps to do each month. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/400504

Can I tell book stores and retail stores how I chose them to sell my books?

Absolutely! It’s important for stores to know that your books are linked to their ideal customers and that the information had been provided to you by MCS and is based on your genre, characters, storyline, and target audience.

Book Kits, Book Conferences (Attend or advertise at conference.), Events (Attend popular events or advertise.), Book Signings (Or provide signed books to sell. If you have eBooks, provide a glossy photo with your signature as a bonus for every purchase.),
Placement of books in big box stores and local stores, both in print and online eBook, Media Coverage Advertisements (Billboards, Newspapers, Commercials), Glossy Postcards/One Sheets, Press Kits, Book Reviews, Reading Samples/Serialization, Speaking Engagements (Can be done over Skype)

What other ways can I use Authors Marketing Pro to advance my career?

MCS can provide authors with valuable lists by using the same system as locating the ideal readers. The list includes:
~ Ideal Literary Agents
~ Ideal Publishers
~ Ideal Book Clubs
~ Ideal Libraries
~ Ideal Schools
~ Ideal Marketing information on the schools
~ Ideal Student geographic information for the area
~ Ideal Places that your target readers spend time
~ Ideal Retail outlets that best fits your target audience
~ Ideal Media outlets based in the areas of your largest target audience
~ Viable international countries where you can extend your reach around the world!

Why can’t I just Google my ideal cities on my own?

You may Google cities on your own. However, you will not receive a list with the highest levels of your target audience. For example, if you write romance books for women between the ages of 30-45, which city would you sell more books? Jacksonville or San Diego? Google does not search your target audience based on genre, characters, storylines, income levels, education levels, and ideal readers that will purchase your books.