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Book Marketers Win Big With Authors Marketing Pro - Book Marketing for Authors
Book Marketing for Authors

Book Marketers Win Big With Authors Marketing Pro

Book Marketers Win Big With Authors Marketing Pro

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Media Contact: Mike Monaco


Book Marketers Win Big with Authors Marketing Pro

(Los Angeles, CA) Authors Marketing Pro (AMP) is helping authors, publishers, and distributors sell more books by automating the book marketing process saving time and money!

AMP was started with the intention of solving a frequently occurring question faced by many in the book business which is “How do we provide every author with the same opportunity to market their books that the top 2% of large publisher’s clients receive without it costing a large piece of their book sales?”

AMP brings a new level of sophistication to selling books by target marketing ideal readers based upon the information the author has keyed into the system. The system is transactional as well as informational according to Founder and CEO Mike Monaco. “AMP One Touch system has automated the function of the most labor intensive, expensive, and important departments of any major publisher.” Monaco said.

AMP’s proprietary software is predictive, transactional, and does not require marketing experience to use. First, an author’s target markets are culled from extensive use of data points. Once revealed, the custom marketing kits are generated and sent to a list of venues that contain a large population of that book’s ideal reader.

The AMP system also gives authors, publishers, and distributors the ability to book speaking engagements, arrange book signings, media interviews, and non-profit partnerships among the alternatives. The benefit of AMP is to put years of marketing experience, as well as, Hollywood movie and television connections at your fingertips.

AMP has just launched a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo to promote the product on a national level. You may reach the campaign and view the product by clicking on the attached link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/authors-marketing-pro/x/9510279#/story

AMP’s solution to help authors, book distributors, and publishing professionals is to automate processes that save the client research costs and time. The AMP product is efficient, objective, and comprehensive with a high degree of reliability that produces powerful results. Information about the program is also available through Authors Marketing Pro, LLC, their website www.authorsmarketingpro.com, or mike@montecarlosolutions.com.

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