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An Author's Alternative to Amazon - Book Marketing for Authors
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An Author’s Alternative to Amazon

An Author’s Alternative to Amazon

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An Author’s Alternative to Amazon

Many authors push to get their books carried on marketing platforms such as Amazon or jump through hoops to get listed in Ingram’s or Baker and Taylor’s catalogues. They think this will bring them book sales success only to be disappointed by little or no increase in sales. There is an emerging alternative to these outlets that is significantly different which is the Author’s Marketing Pro (AMP) system.

How is AMP different? AMP automates the most time consuming and expensive parts of the PR and marketing process. The system will set up any type of author event from blog tours to TV interviews! Authors who use AMP have seen a 30% increase in sales compared to their experiences on other platforms.

Kathrine LaFleur, an author who has used Amazon for five years to market her books says, “I’ve sold about the same amount of books using AMP for five months as I have with CreateSpace related channels over a five year period.” Like Ms. LaFleur, authors Cherrye Vasquez and Bee Haydu are seeing why the AMP system trumps the marketing platforms that authors use. Using AMP, both authors have been introduced to a national non-profit organization. One day after contacting Girls, Inc., Ms. Vasquez was invited to do a book reading summer event for this non-profit. Ms. Vasquez said that “within the first year using the AMP system I ended up selling more books than all five years on Amazon.”

Ms. Haydu, who is 95, not only used the AMP system to get introduced to a non-profit at the national level but also had her book requested by Zero Gravity Entertainment, a production company that just produced The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. After reading Ms. Haydu’s book and learning about her experiences as a former WW2 pilot, Eric Williams of Zero Gravity said, “This is such a unique story that I wouldn’t have known it existed unless it was for AMP. It is now part of our company routine to search the AMP database weekly for books to turn into a movies.”

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