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Authors Marketing Pro (AMP) Certified
Book Marketing for Authors

AMP Certified

What does it mean for our clients to be AMP Certified?

As a client of our Author’s Marketing Pro (AMP) program, you will be given the opportunity to submit one book per month for motion picture or television consideration. Every book is read and reviewed by an unbiased third party that has a background in talent representation and/or creative experience.

Our reviews focus on whether the book will make a terrific movie or television show, which also includes a general review of the writing style. We are honest and direct throughout this process, but stay away from the style of biased views that we have seen from other reviewers. The bottom line is if we love your book, we will tell you why. If we feel the book needs work, we will give you helpful insights on how to improve your stories and perfect your writing mechanics. Keep in mind, we will continue reviewing one of your books per month.

Studios and booksellers visit the website and speak with Mike Monaco on a regular basis and they are looking for authors that are AMP Certified. The AMP logo can be displayed on your books, website, social media, and reviews, which should increase your platform and give you an opportunity for more sales.

If you are AMP Certified, then that separates you from millions of authors that have self-published a book, putting you in the best position to succeed.

Put Seal Logos on Your Blogs/Sites

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AMP Certified

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AMP Certified

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