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Authors Marketing Pro (AMP) - Book Marketing for Authors
Book Marketing for Authors
Authors Marketing Pro Team has developed an automated software system to help you find your audience. Our proprietary tools will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in getting to your targeted audience by showing you where, to whom, and how to market your book. We do this by filtering millions of data points that delineate the specifics of your book then identifying those cities representing the market demographics where your book will sell.
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Latest News

An Author’s Alternative to Amazon

An Author’s Alternative to Amazon Many authors push to get their books carried on marketing platforms such as Amazon or jump through hoops to get listed in Ingram’s or Baker and Taylor’s catalogues. They think this will bring them book sales success only to be disappointed by little or no…

Book Marketers Win Big With Authors Marketing Pro

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Mike Monaco mike@montecarlosolutions.com Book Marketers Win Big with Authors Marketing Pro (Los Angeles, CA) Authors Marketing Pro (AMP) is helping authors, publishers, and distributors sell more books by automating the book marketing process saving time and money! AMP was started with the intention of solving…

Our Webinar with APSS

Our webinar with APSS. Watch the webinar we did for the members of the APSS and learn how to sell books to venues other than bookstores. We have entered into an agreement with the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS). APSS focuses on helping authors sell books to non-bookstore…

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  • Janet Elaine Smith
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  • Ron Knight - Author of 47 Books
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